Sample applications

Provided are a few simple applications for demonstrating various uses of the Electrika API. The source code for the applications is provided, and is inded to help with consuming the output. For any questions, feel free to contact us at

Catalogue Browser

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This is a simple catalogue browser that uses the Electrika API to navigate our indexing structure and display parts. The application is built with AngularJS and uses Angular-Moment for date formatting.

The application receives the ID of a node and then retrieves any children of that node. These nodes may be either headings or parts, as determined by the NodeType property. The routing allows the user to drill down through an arbitrary depth of headings until it arrives at the part level. For displaying all of the information about the part, the application then queries for the node attributes for that specific node and simply lists them in a table.

The code is composed of three files:


Application logic, using two controllers and some basic routing


View for displaying indexes


View for displaying part information